JMP Skan Battery Chargers

JMP Skan: One Charger - Every Battery


JMP Skan: One Charger - Every Battery

Exclusively available from Larsson, JMP Skan chargers are professional quality and fully compatible with all 6v & 12v batteries including Lead Acid, Gel AGM, EFB and Lithium Ion (LiFePo4). One Skan charger covers all battery types. They are simple to use and each model features battery diagnosis, full self-protection (sparking, short circuit, overheating, reverse polarity) and are rated at IP65 to guard against water and dust ingress. Skan chargers are safe to leave connected as a battery maintainer.  Each charger comes with a UK plug, battery connection leads making ‘on-board’ charging simple and crocodile leads for bench charging with a generous 2.1m cable length.

There are 3 models available:

  • Skan 1.0 8 step charger & maintainer ideal for home use on all battery types.
  • Skan 4.0 Dual rate charger compatible suitable for Canbus bikes and comes complete with Cigarette/DIN socket connection lead.
  • Skan 8.0 Dual rate charger with additional Trickle and Battery Reconditioning modes. Perfect for workshop use, this model also features a 13.8v 5-amp supply mode to maintain vehicle memory data when carrying out diagnostics. Diagnostic systems rely on a stable voltage when reading fault codes or flashing ECUs. The JMP Skan 8.0 ensures the voltage stays stable, regardless of the condition of the battery.

All Skan chargers are guaranteed for 2 years from purchase and replacement/additional connection leads are available from stock.



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