JMT Lithium Ion Batteries

JMT Lithium-ion starter batteries, thanks to their modular design, cover nearly 90% of the motorcycle market. The main advantage is primarily their low weight. Hence their widespread use in motorcycle racing where it is the most cost effective way to reduce overall weight, compared to other options.


Lithium-ion technology has been successfully used for many years mainly in the electronics industry. However, in the automotive industry it has only recently become widely available, and only from the world's best battery manufacturers.

Lithium-ion batteries show a value [Wh] on the packaging, this is a measurement of the capacity [Ah] and the voltage [V] of the battery.

Other features include:

  • The battery can be installed in any position,    
  • Low discharge therefore long shelf life (<5% per month)    
  • The processor installed in the battery, prevents uneven charging of individual cells.     
  • Extremely fast charging, depending on the model takes from 4-8 min (with a high ampage lithium compliant charger like the JMP Skan 8.0)    
  • The battery charge indicator allows instant access to the battery state of charge.

All additional information (dimensions, capacity, start-up current, etc.) can be found in the "Technical data" tab on Mike. Lithium-ion batteries are a replacement for a lead-acid batteries and work perfectly with all motorcycles running standard and correctly functioning electrical systems.

IMPORTANT! It is not possible to use simple chargers for traditional batteries with Lithium-ion batteries. Only intelligent compliant chargers are able to effectively charge this type of battery, the wrong charger will shorten the life of lithium-ion batteries. Larsson provide a range of high quality intelligent chargers that are suitable for lithium-ion batteries. Also the motorcycle charging system needs to be operating correctly as output from a malfunctioning or poor quality rectifier above 14.9 volts will irreversibly damage the battery.


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