Keep Calm and Keep Selling

Here are a few ideas of products customers may be looking for during the weeks ahead when they may be spending more time at home and less time riding:


With showrooms and parts departments currently shut, many dealers continue to serve customers via mail order and online sales fulfilled via delivery services.
Here are a few ideas of products customers may be looking for during the weeks ahead when they may be spending more time at home and less time riding:


Our JMP Skan Chargers are ideal for maintaining motorcycle batteries during a layup. They come with flyleads for permanent connection to the bike and croc clips on long leads for use for other batteries. Choose Skan 1 for conventional bikes, Skan 4 for bikes with Canbus wiring and Skan 8 for professional workshop use.

Keep an eye on your battery from the comfort of your armchair! The JMP Battery Monitor is an easy to fit Bluetooth device that can connect to any smartphone to record and display real time battery status. Download the free App and keep track of your battery without opening the garage door!

Not using a bike doesn’t mean everything stays the same. Fuel systems in particular can suffer from a number of issues, but we have fuel additives products for all problems. Use JMC Fuel System Cleaner Additive for fuel system cleaning & JMC Anti Corrosion fuel Additive is as a fuel stabiliser. Profi Fuel Max is ideal for dealing with running problems due to deposit build-up in fuel systems and preserving fuel for unused bikes.

We offer the excellent Scottoiler FS365. Easy to apply regularly, this cost-effective anti-corrosion treatment leaves a thin protective film across all surfaces. Ideal to use on a wet bike to leave the bike protected in all weathers. Essential for any bike stored outside too.

Your customers may not be riding their bikes, but they may have time to clean them! We offer a range of cleaning products from Motul and our our great value JMC range. Cleaners, metal polishes & brake cleaner – we have it all.

It’s a great time for customers to show their chain a little bit of love. We have a range of cleaners and lubricants from our own respected JMC range and Motul. And for those who hate chain maintenance, we have Scottoiler automatic chain lubrication kits. We’d highly recommend the xSystem, as it is well priced, easy to fit, use & adjust. No mess, just a perfectly lubed chain and longer life!

While customers have a temporary exemption on any newly expiring MOT, all bikes on the road must be roadworthy. To keep bikes in top condition we offer a massive range of common MOT failure parts such as fork seals, wheel, steering head & suspension bearings, bulbs and indicators, replacement mirrors and of course a huge range of tyres. Remember, customers can get £30 cashback from Avon on qualifying pairs, making these even more attractive.

As showrooms are shut many bikers may look for ways to upgrade their current ride, instead of trading up. We have a wide range of accessories such as  Shad side casestop boxes & fitting kits, Puig screens and crash protection by Evotech, Renner, Puig & Fehling. On the electrical side we offer heated grips, auxillary lights and LED indicators – take a look at our models with  sequential sweep and with integrated tail & stop lights. We have a huge range of YSS suspension products covering twin shocks, monoshocks, upgraded fork springs and fork upgrade kits. With our extensive catalogue, your customers may not have a new bike, but it can still look and feel like one! Remember to select the bike in Mike to check what’s available for bike specific parts.


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