Scottoiler FS365 anti-corrosion spray

Scottoiler FS365 is the ideal corrosion protector spray for use all year round. Now available in a compact 250ml spray which joins the line up of 1L and 5L variants.


Combining a mineral oil emulsion with corrosion inhibitors, once sprayed on, the water content carries it into all the hard to reach places before evaporating and leaving a film of protection on all surfaces. Dirt that would normally stick to your bike now attaches to the protective layer. To remove the dirt, simply wash with water and the dirt just falls off.

FS 365 makes cleaning easier and provides layers of protection.

How to apply:

Spray liberally over the entire motorcycle. First application should be on a clean bike, then you can re-apply to a wet or dirty bike during your normal daily use to build up layers of protection. FS 365 is safe to use on all components, including chrome, plastics, suspension parts, seals, bearings and transmission components. If you spray FS 365 on the brake discs or calipers don’t panic as it can be easily washed off with water without contaminating your brake pads and without the need for degreasing unlike some other products.


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